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 F L Y I N G / F A L L I N G

Flying/Falling is an immersive performance, exploring the delicate tipping point between the experiences of flying and falling. Using projection, lighting and sound to create sensory disruption, we use contemporary dance to play with subverting gravity and loosing control. Everybody has experienced the feeling of the rug being pulled from underneath their feet recently. We question how much ownership do you have over the perception of your experience? Do you choose to fly or fall? Or is the experience out of your hands? 


Audience members can interact with the environment through a live chat, choosing which viewpoint to see from, and which lighting states come next. An exhilarating contemporary dance duet brushes past the screen, placing the audience inside of the work. 


Dancers: Harry Scott & Nadjeschda Schaefer 

Choreography: Daisy Harrison & Dancers 

Music: Alexa Mason & George Hadwen (Mango Vice)

Supported by: IJAD Dance Company, Online Open Theatre, Dance in Devon.


To be performed on IJAD Dance Company's Open Online Theatre Festival 27th & 28th November 2020.

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