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T H E   S O U T H    W E S T  

S K Y   S E R I E S 


The South West Sky Series began as a desire to move within a group, and find commonalities through a distance. Even in isolation, we move together under the same sky. The project is a series of short films, made up of contributions from residents of the South West of the UK. These films celebrate the region’s capacity for creative response, unity and expression even through adversity.

Music Composer: Alexa Mason

Sound producer: George Hadwen

Film Editor: Daisy Harrison

Made with support from Arts Council England & The National Lottery, Dance in Devon, Kaleider & the Peninsula Dance Partnership.

South West Sky Series

Episode 1: H O P E 

A Prism Project Film

Made with video contributions from:

Maya Adams Sarah Cook Charlie Cornforth

Charlotte Eaton George Hadwen Angela Harrison

Daisy Harrison Amanda Henderson Abbie Hibbs

Jonny Hibbs Jack Marcilly Alexa Mason

Becky Miles Sophie Northmore Sam Plumbe

Lauren Pomfret Anne Richardson

Nadjeschda Schaefer Martin Staniforth

South West Sky Series

Episode 2: R E S I L I E N C E 

A Prism Project Film

Made with video contributions from:

Lydia Baldchin Ella Broom Sarah Cook

Charlie Cornforth Charlotte Eaton Lucas Gill

Daisy Harrison Jonny Hibbs Emma Hill Jack Marcilly Alexa Mason Hattie Musgrove Anja Nash

Millie Parker Anne Richardson

Nadjeschda Schaefer Harry Scott Suzie West

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